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All Aboard for the North Pole Express!

Just outside of Los Angeles in Filmore, CA is the North Pole Express Train (also called the Polar Express Train) which was an amazing experience for our kids at age 3 and 4. They cannot wait to go back this year. For adults, the train, and the “North Pole” are all a little lackluster but I assure you your Little’s will not see this- the experience is all sparkle and magic for them!  So I encourage adults to have realistic expectations 🙂


The 1-hour train ride chuffs along at a few miles an hour (they won’t notice how slow it’s going, don’t point it out!) to the “North Pole” – Santa’s elves pass out cookies and sing Christmas Carols.  Once the train arrives at the North Pole there is a large display of Christmas lights and the train picks up Santa himself. Santa makes his way through the train passing out candy canes and high fives and when the train arrives back at the station you wait in a long line for picture with Santa – but it’s worth it, and like I said, it was truly magical for our kids!! Families (adults and children) are encouraged to wear pajamas for the train ride.

The drive up to Filmore is a bit of a haul. We coordinated with a couple of other families and met first at a El Pescador Mexican Restaurant and had dinner and margaritas. It rounded out the evening since the train ride itself is only an hour- plus we figured we deserve some margaritas before it 😉

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