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Mexico, Party of 12!

Viceroy Zihuatanejo Family Luxury Vacation

We had an amazing trip to Mexico with the kids and two other families! Just a few years ago if you told me I’d take my kids for a week long luxury vacation I wouldn’t have believed you, but at 3 and 4 years old travel is so much easier! If you are still in the tunnel, let me tell you, there is a light at the end of it, I promise! The Viceroy Zihuatanejo is amazing and we can’t wait to go back!  Its a great trip with kids and there is even a direct flight from LAX!


The property is absolutely beautiful, the rooms are large and most have their own plunge pool…so if your kiddos are not water safe, make sure you ask for a room without a plunge pool (which will save you some dinero, and I am confident you can find a way to spend these savings at the spa 😉 )

Luxury Travel with Kids to Mexico

Speaking of the spa, their services were fantastic! I got a massage that I would describe as US quality (lets be real, in other countries spa experience range widely!).  Everyone who works in the hotel was so nice, despite our gaggle of SIX KIDS! 5 of the 6 kids were age 4 or under…so we were quite a group!

The hotel manager went out of his way to arrange large van transport so all three families could ride together to venture into town and on excursions.  He also recommended and made all our reservations for evenings out.  His recommendations were spot on, fantastic!!

It is important to note, however, that the wine in Mexico is TERRIBLE.  Some decent Champagne is available but its about 3x the cost it would be here (sigh) BUT the good news is that each person can bring 6 (SIX!!!) bottles of wine into Mexico without paying any import taxes.

We used these (please note this is an affiliate link, no cost to youflight transport bottle covers to fly them in our luggage, they are pretty awesome.  We each chose to fly 4 bottles in per adult (but honestly we wish we’d flown all six!)  – all made it without a single break or leak.  The seals on them are so thick though, that even if one had broken I’m pretty sure it would have mostly contained the leak.

We ate at some fantastic restaurants while we were there!

Amuleto: This is actually a boutique hotel that offers a small private restaurant- it would be a great weekend spot to stay sans kids (probably a great spot for a proposal!)

El Faro Pacifica: The website is terrible, the view from the restaurant is amazing, and their Mexican coffee dessert is worthwhile in and of itself! See video below!

This video might not look that impressive here…but really watch this little show live after like 6 bottles of wine, its really quite fun! Did I really just say that?? LOL

We love traveling with the kids, and this is the first year we are back in the saddle and traveling the way we used to! One tip I have for parents who have a hard time getting their kiddos to sleep (which was our chronic challenge)…is to get two rooms or a suite.  Put the kids to bed in separate rooms.  It was more costly for us to travel, so we did it less, but when we did it was so infinitely more enjoyable…its worth the trade off.  Stay half as long, get two rooms.  Done.

Would love any luxury hotel recommendations (that are great for kids) from you all!! Where haPlease remember to subscribe to my blog for more of our adventures!


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