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Mission Organization: Garage Playroom

Our garage is now a playroom, woohoo! We moved in July for the fourth time in four years.  Yeah.  For reals.  I’m having a glass of wine just thinking about it.  Anyway.  Back to the task at hand.  We’re here and we’ve updated the garage to a playroom, but its a mess.  A big project.

Currently the toys are all in plastic bins from the move (there are more in the storage shed in back of the garage, I won’t pain you with photos of those!)…there is a sprinkler system built into the wall (eyesore!)…no shelves or bins or storage of any kind…an old rug and old sofa…but stay tuned, with Jody’s help I will conquer IKEA and Target and make this a space we can all enjoy!

What are your favorite organization solutions? Small items? Large items? Do you think clear bins or solid bins that hide contents?

Here are some videos I am finding inspirational, any thoughts?

IKEA tips #1

IKEA tips #2

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10 thoughts on “Mission Organization: Garage Playroom”

  1. If I move again it will be a permanent move. I have been in my same place for 13 years! I use totes for a lot of items to. I can’t wait till my kids are bigger and I will have less little items.

  2. I can’t wait to start moving on from all the little toys that get everywhere. I have started to purge some of it but I have a 3 year old so we are just always gathering more.

  3. I cannot imagine moving so much! But I am an empty nester and I have bins of things in the attic and playroom. 20 years of things can be overwhelming too. But you look awesome doing it!

  4. This has been one of my favorite posts! I usually use large totes that are neutral colored so they aren’t noticeable:)

  5. I live in an apartment and it’s so hard to make anything feel permanent, but I’m trying. Pinterest has been so good to me and I’ve been DIYing things for my apartment. Also, IKEA has simple and cheap storage solutions. While I don’t have toys, I do have a lot of shoes.

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