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You’ve Been Booed! (and Boozed!)

When we lived in Orange County we were Booed when Gavin was three and I had never even heard of it…to this day we don’t know who Booed us, they were good! 👻

Gavin still remembers it. A magical bucket of fun Halloween stuff appeared on our doorstep, it was an amazing surprise to him, he LOVED it!

It was too close to Halloween to Boo anyone back and so the following year he was so careful to choose just who he was going to Boo. He chose our nanny’s 9 year old daughter whom he adored (she was pretty adorbs).

This year again, as Halloween approached it was all he could talk about. Starting October 1st he was asking if we could Boo his friends. If it was up to him he would have Booed his entire class. We chose two friends…but I made him wait until the week before Halloween LOL.

The $.99 Cent Only Store has the cutest bags this year! They are felt bag/backpack combos, plus they have flashlights, glow sticks, crafts, bubbles and little skull chocolates. We got mini activity packs from Amazon (like these Star Wars ones or these Nickelodeon ones) and they were done! Plus I have tons of extra activity packs for dinners out!

There are TONS of free “You’ve Been Booed” printables linked on my Pinterest

There is a fun adult variation called “You’ve been Boozed” which I think needs no explanations…I have a free printable linked on the Pinterest board for that too…we all have a friend who could use a Booze Bucket LOL.  Speaking of, its wine o’clock. TTFN. Happy Halloween!!

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