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More Fun, Less Mess!

I posted this photo of H with our Play-Doh Construction Fun set (exclusively at Target) on Instagram and I got a LOT of comments about a love-hate relationship with Play-Doh.  I used to feel that way – BUT [stick with me] its literally one of the ONLY toys that my boys will play with for 30-45 minutes straight, independently, without fighting, without demanding snacks we don’t have, without shredding my house, etc. etc. etc..  And thus, I can only love Play-Doh.

Now some of those people probably have THOSE kids – you know the annoying kids who sit still and play with dolls or cars or toy animals for hours at a time and so they must

Must be a nice problem to have…not one I know much about though.  Mess management, now that’s my game!

So here’s my Mess Management advice for Play-Doh:
(1) My boys play with it outdoors, on their picnic table.  Ok.  Not an option for everyone.

(2) Kitchen table (with hard flooring underneath) preferred as next option, on which we use the these craft Trays

(3) If playing on a table on the rug is the only option, its still worth it but just put down a plastic mat- they make reusable ones, and disposable ones!

Finally, Hasbro provides some cleaning advice on their website if/when it does get into carpet or fabric.

Here are the other sets we have that my boys get a lot of play time from:

8 thoughts on “More Fun, Less Mess!”

  1. How fun! We’ve never seen the construction set before! I usually make my kids play with Play Doh at our kitchen island. It’s nice and easy to wipe and/or sweep up there.

  2. I definitely have a love hate relationship with playdoh. I think it’s great but I hate having it in the house. We’ve gotten kinetic sand and it’s been a good alternative. I try to only give it to them outside but if they play inside, it’s easier to clean up and get out of carpet since it only stick to itself. It isn’t as good as playdoh though.

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