10 Boardless Games for Bored Kids!

Boredom. Oh old friend I’ve missed you since 5 minutes ago! It’s a good thing we own thousands of dollars worth of toys, I’ve spent hundreds on organizational storage for them and truly countless hours picking them up off the floor and sorting them.

Rasberry Fingers

Raspberry fingers only gonna get me so far. LOL.

But seriously sometimes you have little to nothing at your disposal, and you need some boredom busters that don’t need a lot of props.

Here are are top 10:

1. I-spy: this is our car ride family favorite! Its also good one for a waiting room or a restaurant! One person says “I spy with my little eye…” and says the color of the object such as “something orange” or another clue.

2. Hide-and-seek: this is a childhood classic, we play this A LOT! We also change it up and hide objects sometimes.

3. Tag: again needs no explanation, oldie but goodie ❤️

4. Rock-Paper-Scissors: this is a fun one as it moves quick so everyone wins and looses many times…good game to practice for kids who have a very difficult time loosing.

5. Wheelbarrow: if you haven’t played this in awhile I think you’ll be surprised how haaaard it is to hold your body up with your arms…it’s exhausting! But this is a good thing for kiddos with LOTS of energy!

6. Tic Tac Toe: our 5 year old loves this game! We play it as restaurants a lot!

7. Story Sequencing: each person takes a turn adding a line to the story…

8. Dance Party: crank up the music and dance, dance, dance! In the car, living room, hotel room or wherever you are? I wonder if Alexa knows the chicken dance? LOL

9. Obstacle Course: mark off a course with shoes or toilet paper rolls or sofa cushions or empty cans.

10. Hopscotch: if you have chalk you have hopscotch! Masking tape will work too. Dig up 3 rocks from the backyard and you are on you way!

What are your favorite boredom busters?

👇🏻👇🏻Comment below – I would love to know so I can add to the list!!


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