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Costco Diapering Round Up

When I had my first baby I loved ordering diapers. As our family grew and our kids grew (and grew and grew and grew)…timing diaper deliveries in day and night diapers in various sizes- plus wipes and then demands of pull ups- became practically impossible. I either had too many in a size we outgrew and had to give them away or I was about to run out. It was around then that I turned to Costco.

It is so much easier to walk in, grab what I need…and have it starting that second. If you’ve wondered this too but haven’t explored the options at Costco- there are A LOT!

Inventory and pricing can vary a little store to store but generally speaking the diaper selection is virtually the same at all stores.

In no particular order…here are your Costco options, quantities vary slight by size:

Honest Company Diapers — $25/box available in sizes 3-5

Example quantiity: Size 4 is 120 Count

Huggies Little Snugglers — $38/box available in size 1 and 2

Example quantity: Size 2 is 174 Count

Costco’s Kirkland Brand Supreme Diapers — $39/box for sizes 3-6, smaller sizes slightly cheaper.

Example quantity: Size 6 is 120 Count

Pull Ups in boys and girls styles — $35/box

Example quantity: Size 4t-5t is 102 count.

Moving on to wipes…

Huggies Natural Care ($25)

18 packs of wipes, for a total of 1152 wipes

Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes ($20) (at the time of this post they are on sale for $16)

9 packs of wipes, for a total of 900 wipes

And your diaper pail needs…

Diaper Genie Refills ($20)

4 Count


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