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Keep COOL at Disney Parks!


Summer is HOT, stay COOL!

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We went to Disneyland the other day with a Mom friend of mine and she brought along a stainless steel water bottle (which she put ice in) and it had a misting feature on it – ice cold mist in the 88 degree HOT weather was AMAZING! #DisneyMom #GeniusMom LOL! I immediately went home and looked it up…and guess what, they have Disney licensed bottles that are adorable! Mickey, Minnie, Marvel, oh my!

We also forgot a pair of our kids’ sunglasses and picked up a pair for a mere $26 (among other things)…I’m not saying you can possibly avoid all expenditures inside the park, plus hey some are fun…but I have lots of good ideas of things to get BEFORE you go so I’m including those too…because SCHOOLS…OUT…FOR…SUMMER! And frankly, if your going to Disney World any time of the year…its pretty darn hot for about 3/4 of the year and no matter where you live its hot in the Summer most of the US and so if you love all things Disney…give one of these a try for your overheated kiddos!

The bottles below have a double wall stainless construction (meaning the outside doesn’t get too cold to the touch) – there are also single wall so watch for that if you navigate off the ones I’m linking 🙂 (they also come in adult sizes, but no Disney themes for adults).

Minnie Mouse!
Lightning McQueen!
Mickey Mouse!

The other item I highly suggest for the kiddos are hats, or visors.  They sell all of this sort of stuff inside the park too of course…the main issue for me is that the selections tend to be spread about and not all lined up inside one store so its hard to pick (I am afflicted by a condition I call paralyzed by indecision LOL!) quickly and efficiently because you have to wander store to store to see all the options and then wander back to find the one you liked again…it can be time consuming when there are way more fun things to do…so here are some cute basics.  Going THIS Disney may seem overkill (I get it) but once your inside its like Disney Bliss…a lot of kids want this stuff once they are inside and see it all over the place!

Mickey Mouse Visor for kids

Minnie Mouse Visor for kids
 Mikey Mouse hat for adults
Mickey Mouse hat for adults

I’d also recommend sunglasses before going into the park, if your kids are like mine they get lost, scratched and broken on the reg and inexpensive is the way to go – here are some great options:

Red Bow Sunglasses
Mickey Mouse Sunglasses
 Minnie Mouse Sunglasses
Mickey Mouse Sunglasses
Mickey Mouse Sunglasses
Disney Cars Sunglasses

Remember some water shoes and a change of clothes for the little ones for the splash pad!

Tip: When planning for Fast Passes, choose your air conditioned rides or water rides for the afternoon timeslots.

What else do you all like to bring into the parks with you to keep cool? What other ideas do you have? Would love to hear your ideas and suggestions and keep growing this list!

Stay cool friends and remember to drink plenty of water!



PS: If this is your first trip to Disneyland, read this before you go!

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