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I would do almost anything (and pay almost anything) to not own rodents- this my friends is reason numero uno why we go to Zoomars. My kiddos can get their guinea pig snuggles in and fill their cup and I don’t have to have the things in my house, clean up after them or remember to feed them (cause you know I’m not a total jerk right?!!?). Half jokes aside, living in an urban city, our kids don’t see animals a lot and feeding and riding and petting farm animals is important for kids so little urban petting zoos like Zoomars are little gems and we love this place!

So let’s break it down, your kids can snuggle and feed an endless pit of guinea pigs, feed a goat, sheep and a pig (and some other assorted animals), pad on a pony ride, pan for some “gold” (aka precious stones) and have a roll around in a big box of corn nuts…oh and ride the smallest and shortest train ride EVER (that they won’t seem to notice LOL)…all the while your like “how much did I pay for this?” Oh right but we’re done with the guinea pigs and I don’t have to own one of these darn rodents! So lets call it PRICELESS = #momwin

The upside: most of the place is all shaded. If your kids participate in all the activities it can occupy a nice little morning. They have a good hand washing station with antibacterial soap for when your done. There is a hay bale maze, corn pit and large jungle gym which are free and good for getting remaining energy out at the end.

The downside: The admission fee allows kiddos to pet the piggies but many activities cost additional fees, including the train, pony rides, panning for precious stones and the food bins to feed the piggies.¬† Besides the bench around the guinea pigs there is not a seat in the house so don’t go after a late night out. The bathrooms are port-a-potties (just starve yourself of water you don’t wanna go in there!).

Overall. There are a lot of things we do for our kids. Zoomars is one of those things. They will like it and have fun. It’s also a great spot for birthday parties- from cowboy/cowgirl to farm to cactus the venue lends itself to many fun themes. Go nuts on Pinterest.

Tip: check groupon or living social before you go sometimes there are better deals there than at the door.

Tip: for train loving kiddos you can walk to Zoomars from the Train station- we used to get on at the nearest station to our house and ride the train there and back just for fun, the kids loved it! There are also restaurants right along the train tracks and some have a clear view of the tracks- the passing by train every few minutes is great entertainment!

Tip:¬†They don’t sell food (pack snacks and bottled waters).

Have you been? If you go let me know what you thought!!

If this is down your alley, check out Travel Town Museum.

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